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Maciej Sadowski Music

I am extremely proud to be able to represent the best microphone systems for double bass I have come across so far. Let me introduce you Ehrlund Microphones. I am using their full EAP system for the live performances, which works perfect to me. Unlike the known Double bass pickup systems, EAP is responding in full range, like a microphone. It sounds really natural even with the bow – and the signal is still separated from all other sound sources on stage. That is impossible with playing live near the drum set on microphones.
I’ve also decided to use the stereo pair of EHR-T Microphones as the main pair in my studio. They are crystal clear and they fit perfectly in any mix I’ve made. Post production with the signal recorded on the EHR-T is a pure pleasure.
I highly recommend Ehrlund products to you!

You can easily find their products on the website: https://ehrlund.se/