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maciej sadowski

a double bass player, composer and session musician



LowBow is provided by beautiful melodies and the need for minimalism. The dynamics, illustrativeness and singing of the compositions place this project within the framework of classically understood expressionism. The choice of double bass and cello as the only sounding instruments is unheard, but at the same time obvious, due to its relationship with the double bass.

Maciej Sadowski Kwadrat

A solo project far beyond from the classical jazz in instrumentation, compositions or arrangements, but rather a reflection of my own musical travels, inspirations and needs.

Maciej Sadowski 

A double bass player, composer and session musician with extensive experience in all music genres with a special emphasis and passion for jazz, founder of the
Eastrings Records



Original music and cooperations

Latest News

3/28/2021 Zgniłość online concert

„rotten easter egg” – that’s Karol Pęcherz idea of advertising us. „last online in my life” threatens Marcin Świetlicki. i couldn’t say anything better about this event. I’m histerically awaiting.[…]

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if you’ve missed last concert…

On the International Women’s Rights Day – a throwback from last Thursday – with wonderful, talented, strong Women on the front line. Girl power!You can watch it HERE

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Lario Nowhere ‘s new album

Lario Nowhere – Atom – New colaboration

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