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maciej sadowski

composer, producer, double bass player and session musician


Maciej Sadowski

Maciej Sadowski new album “I Have Absolutely Nothing to Say, so Listen” is the composer’s step into new territory. It is the synthesis of a vast array of musical experiences that span jazz, classical, pop, folk, ethnic, and electronic music.


LowBow is provided by beautiful melodies and the need for minimalism. The dynamics, cinematic and singing of the compositions place this project within the framework of classically understood expressionism. The choice of double bass and cello as the only sounding instruments is unheard, but at the same time obvious, due to its relationship with the double bass.

Maciej Sadowski Kwadrat

A solo project far beyond from the classical jazz in instrumentation, compositions or arrangements, but rather a reflection of my own musical travels, inspirations and needs.


Maciej is a double bass player, composer, producer, and session musician with extensive experience in all music genres with a special emphasis and passion for jazz. He is the founder of the Eastrings Records. Regularly gives over 100 concerts a year on national and international stages. In 2016 was named one of best polish double bass players by “Jazz Forum” readers. Maciej was recognised as the musician of the year 2019 by the esteemed independent critic Adam Baruch on the polish-jazz.blogspot.com  platform. He is running 4 independent music projects: LowBow, Maciej Sadowski Kwadrat, Gdańsk Necropolitan Orchestra, Maciej Sadowski Solo project



Videos of the original music and cooperations, such as LowBow, Maciej Sadowski Kwadrat, or a solo project.

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Dead Vistula live in Fabryka Sztuki

On Thursday, 3/30/2023 we had a great pleasure to perform in Łódź at Fabryka Sztuki with my new project “Dead Vistula”. We played few tracks from our upcoming album “Penumbra”[…]

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Visiting the Zbrodnia Studio

Yesterday I visited Studio Zbrodnia . I just dropped by for a coffee with Marcin (the owner), but it ended up testing microphones (Neuman U87 and stereo pair of Neuman TLM103) and[…]

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Suma Cruz new campaign by Eduardo Recuenco with music by Maciej Sadowski

I wanted to share some wonderful news – my music has been used for a short commercial by the Spanish brand Suma Cruz and the amazing director Eugenio Recuenco. I admit that[…]

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