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Maciej Sadowski Music

Online session musician and film music composer to your project

Usually when I’m not playing concerts, I work in my studio on my own music, but also on the commercial projects. Since March 2020, I have made over 150 recordings for another artists, TV shows and films from all around the world as an online session musician. Since then you can hear my double bass in Warner Music, Universal Music and Prime Video production. I was also recognised as the first PRO verified double bass player on Fiverr platform. Mostly I am recording double bass, but also I am able to play parts on cello, upright piano, synthesizers. If you need any of this instrument in your production, or maybe you are looking for the composition for your film or strings arrangement/recordings, feel free to contact me.
There is also a possibility to play a concert tour together, if you need a PRO double bass player on stage.

Since last few years I’ve changed my DIY home studio to really professional recording studio. You can find here perfectly adapted acoustic treatment, world class microphones and preamps. If you would like to know more about my studio gear.
You can also find my recording services on Fiverr Platform

Sample of my music used in the commercian campaign for Suma Cruz, directed by Eugenio Recuenco

Feel free to write about your music project, and let’s start working together!