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Maciej Sadowski Music

LowBow is a unique project inspired by innovative techniques of playing instruments and a strong desire to create an utterly original type of music, as opposed to drawing ideas from the work of other artists, who may have similar music taste and imagination.
Having grown up in an Eastern part of the country and being exposed to various cultures, such as Lithuanian, Belorussian, Ukrainian and Polish, I have always held a special place in my heart for beautiful melodies, based on which the Low Bow has been created. Dynamics, illustrativeness and melodiousness of compositions embed this project within classical expressionistic frames. Its execution however has been performed in a totally different style. The urge for minimalism, avoidance of exuberant orchestration and, needless to say, more control over the whole piece, have influenced the final shape of the LowBow. The choice of the double bass and cello, as the only instruments played, is rather unusual, but obvious in this case, due to my relationship with the double bass. Our two-member team plays complex, dynamic and compelling compositions, using the full potential of string instruments spanning the breadth of lyrics and eurhythmics, combining them together using loopers and other electronic tools. This aspect enables us to realise the project within the ‘New Music’ frames.

There are only a few contemporary performers and composers of comparable projects. In terms of instrumentation, Ben Ezra and Zoe Keating have had similar ideas to mine. I have drawn inspiration from composers who had created beautiful melodies from various musical regions, such as Claude Debussy, Charles Mingus or James Blake. LowBow however has not been inspired externally, but created entirely from retrospection, which has infused originality into this project.