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Maciej Sadowski Kwadrat

Maciej Sadowski Music

Maciej Sadowski Kwadrat is a solo project to which I matured – studying classical and jazz, playing as a session musician in many jazz and entertainment projects, co-creating music with Sextans, Almost Jazz Group or Zgniłość.

The need to create something on my own, not only because of the name, but also the creativity underneath it, appeared a long time ago. For several years, I wrote, looking for my own style. MS2 is ultimately music derived from jazz, but far beyond the classical framework of this genre, both in terms of instrumentation, compositions and arrangements. It reflects my own musical travels, inspirations and needs.

Inspiration for this project was built for a long time and came from many sources. The place where I am currently has the strongest influence on me. The Tri-City, with its urban fabric in which I found the second home, and with the proximity of the sea, introduced me into a climate combining technique, electronics, raw sounds, but also meditative peace. The lack of a harmonic instrument is also a symbol here. Both in combination of the city and nature, as well as in my music – lack of obvious harmony. In addition to the eternal consonance, a kind of struggle takes place. The unceasing power of nature attacks the city, man impresses his mark on nature. In these activities, lack of balance, numerous victims appear on both sides. Nevertheless, these areas have been in harmony for centuries and attract many people. Echoes of fascination with this phenomenon can be heard in the songs presented on the album, where despite (deconstructing classical jazz principles of composition) the lack of integration with the harmonic instrument, one can find cohesion, melodies, space.

However, the final shape of the album gained thanks to people who were involved in this project. They are my close friends who have devoted much time to Kwadrat. In my own material, composed of melodies, rhythms and electronic sounds, they introduced unique arrangements. That is why a team work has emerged from a typical proprietary project. In the band’s name, next to Maciej Sadowski, Kwadrat is equally important.

In addition to me, the band consists of young Tri-city musicians:

  • Michał Jan Ciesielski
  • Dawid Lipka
  • Tomasz Koper